The Radius Lab

Our circle of innovations looks beyond what we already do to explore new challenges and solve them. We are constantly pushing the boundaries with new ideas and making them into reality in different domains.

The best part about Radius Lab is that YOU  are welcome to join our circle of innovations, and partner us to create wonderful things.

Natural Gas

We are developing systems to transport and deliver assured supply of Natural Gas to industries in remote regions beyond the reach of traditional supply infrastructure. If you want to know how Radius can help you reduce your energy cost, Radius Lab has the solution for you.


Wind Energy

Realising the true potential of wind energy is a challenge we are working on right now and we are willing to share and collaborate and share our ideas with you.


Bio Fuel

We are currently challenging the conventional way bio fuel is being currently transported. The stage is set to witness a unique way to collect and transport bio fuel from the primary source to the wholesalers and retailers!


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